Typogram offers fast, calibrated proofs for ads and overseas printing. Check specific production requirements, but in general the GraCol profile is used for sheetfed offset, and the SWOP profile is typical for magazine ad proofs.

Hard dot proofs

(Kodak Approval, Fuji) photographically produce the offset rosette dot pattern* on a thin piece of film which is laminated to a paper base. These proofs are the most accurate, and most expensive, and are typically used for high-end commercial and fine art projects where color matching is critical. *Hard dot stochastic proofs are not currently available.

Soft dot proofs

Soft dot proofs (Inkjets) do not proof the offset dot pattern, but do proof cmyk colors. These proofs are less expensive, and are generally used for general commercial work. Most magazines now accept appropriately-profiled soft dot proofs with ad file submissions.

Press proofs

Offset proofs are the most accurate proof, and can be cost-effective when including client time and transportation to a press check as the alternative.
Digital press proofs are available at no additional charge for completed digital print orders.

Proof typeSizePriceScheduleAvail InkLine screenPaperNotes
Soft dot9x12$758hrsCMYKNoneGloss, semi-gloss, uncoated proof paper 
Soft dot12x18$1258hrsCMYKNoneGloss, semi-gloss, uncoated proof paper 
Soft dot17x22$1508hrsCMYKNoneGloss, semi-gloss, uncoated proof paper 
Hard dot9x12$12524hrsCMYK, PMS, metallics65-200LActual paperPMS/metallics addl
Hard dot12x18$17524hrsCMYK, PMS, metallics65-200LActual paperPMS/metallics addl
Hard dot17x22$35024hrsCMYK, PMS, metallics65-200LActual paperPMS/metallics addl
Digital press proof12x18$35*24hrsCMYKNoneActual paper*$75 min charge
Offset press proofSee press sizesCustom quote   Actual paper 

Typesetting and font development

Typogram offers typesetting, page production, and custom font kerning and format conversion

ItemHourly rateNotes
InDesign templates and production$75-125/hrRate depends on complexity. Minimum 1/2 hr.
MS Word template development$125/hrMinimum 1 hr.
Custom font development$125/hrCustom characters, ligatures, kerning, Mac/PC conversions.

Scans and color correction

Drum scan*4x5$552-3 days
Drum scan*8x10$952-3 days
Drum scan*11x14$1502-3 days
Color correction/retouching $75-125/hr Rate depends on complexity. Minimum 1 hr.

Schedule is business days from receipt of all original material.
Ask about quantity discounts.
*Originals must be flexible (unmounted), and will be removed from protective sleaves during scanning.