Package your InDesign file

How to collect your file, fonts, and images, then how to compress and send

<h4>1</h4><h3>Open InDesign, go to the 'File' menu and

       select 'Package'</h4> <h4>2</h4><h3>Name your 'Save as' package and select where to save it.

       Make sure 'Copy Fonts' and 'Copy Linked Graphics' are selected. Then click 'Package'</h4> <h4>3</h4><h3>Review the summary, then click 'Package'</h4> <h4>4</h4><h3>Now compress your packaged folder. Leave InDesign, and go to Finder,

       select the folder, then the 'File' menu and click 'Compress'</h4> <h4>5</h4><h3>Now you have a compressed file ready to send</h4>