Production services for designers


<h3>Ad proofs</h3><p>We offer economical, fast-turnaround ink jet matchprints, as well as

	       hard dot Kodak Approval proofs. /> <h3>Digital press proofs</h3><p>In digital printing, the proof is an acutal printed piece. So,

	       for best results, it costs little extra to run a test sheet of images at various curves

	       to find the optimum curve for the images and the paper used.</p> <h3>Stochastic Quality</h3><p>Stochastic offset dots show sharper detail than traditional rosette

	   and do not overlay each other, resulting in cleaner color, as is visible even in this 100 dpi screen image

	   of a scanned printed piece. (Yes, the piece was printed 8-color, half as cmyk with traditional screen plates,

	   and half cmyk with stochastic plates.) </p> <h3>Ad proofs</h3><p> </p> <h3>Ad proofs</h3><p> </p> <h3>Custom fonts</h3><p>Typogram has over 20 years' experience developing and modifying PostScript fonts.

	      Custom fonts allow brand managers and creative directors to control typographic quality, 'look and feel' including

	      logo placement, as well as font royalty costs. </p> <h3>Custom fonts</h3><p>Our custom fonts can contain kerning pairs, additional special characters

	      including multi-piece logos, pi-font characters, and trademarks. </p> <h3>Berthold font library</h3><p>Typogram started as a typographer with the Berthold Fototype system and

	      its legendary quality fonts. We have been kerning and refining our Berthold font library since PostScript was

	      first commercially distributed n the early 1990s.</p> <h3>Custom envelopes </h3><p>We have developed custom No10 square flap envelopes with the inside pre-printed

	      in solid color. These envelopes are in stock, for immediate imprinting, and allow designers to create a rich

	      custom look for a fraction of the cost of custom envelopes.<br />

	      Paper: Strathmore 28 Ultimate White Wove<br />

	      Colors: PMS 7651 blue; PMS 1215 yellow; PMS cool gray 4</p> <h3>Marketing presentations</h3><p>We offer: art papers, 1440dpi pigment inkjet, color expertise

	       and experience producing quality overnight -- all to help you get your ideas across.</p> <h3>Marketing presentation</h3><p> </p>